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Connecting from Off-Campus: Less Common Problems

How to do it and what to do if you are having problems.

Less Common Problems

Internet Service Providers:

Internet service providers such as AOL, Compuserve, or Prodigy use proprietary versions of browsers that can cause problems for remote access to UT Arlington library e-resources. An easy way to work around this is to use the ISP to connect to the Internet, but once connected, minimize the session and use a copy of Firefox or Chrome.

Cable Modem, Internet Accelerator or Broadband Manager:

Charter, NetZero, Netscape Web Accelerator, etc. connectivity can cause problems in accessing the library’s databases. You will either need to disable the service or by-pass it by connecting directly to the Internet.

Call Waiting:

Call waiting may interfere with your connectivity when using your telephone service. You will need to disable call waiting as it will bounce you from the database as a call comes in.

Partial Subscriptions to a Vendor or Database:

For some databases, the Library subscribes to only a portion of the database.  You may see options that are not available through our license agreement, but when trying to connect, you get an error message or a login screen.  Some databases with partial subscriptions are: Science Direct and Taylor & Francis. If you have experienced this and question whether a database you are using fits this category, contact us.

Limited Number of Users at One Time:

For some databases, the number of people who may use that database at the same time is limited. These tend to be expensive and subject-specific databases.Various messages appear depending on the database.  They will indicate something about licensing or trying again later. For these, you will need to try again after a reasonable amount of time for someone else to finish searching. If you have waited a few minutes, tried again, and still did not get into the database, consider contacting the Reference staff as to a further issue of nonconnectivity. When using a Limited User database, please be sure to log off so it will not tie up a connection for someone else.