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Call Number Classification for Music

The Library of Congress Classification System is a system of letters and numbers assigned to a book based upon its topic.  This results in books on similar topics being shelved near each other on the shelves. The books in the UTA Libraries are are shelved according to the LC call number.

Most music related materials will be classified in LC Classification M.  Below is a very simplified breakdown for the M Class and some of the subject areas represented by specific letters and letter combinations.  

M1-5000 Music 

  • M1.A5-3.3 Collections 
  • M5-1480 Instrumental Music
  • M1495-2199 Vocal Music 
  • M5000 Unidentified Compositions

ML1-3930 Literature of Music

  • ML159-3785 History and Criticism
  • ML 385-429 Biography 
  • ML459-1380 Instruments & Instrumental Music
  • ML1400-3275 Vocal Music
  • ML3800-3923 Philosophical & Social Aspects of Music.

MT Instruction & Study

    Library of Congress Class M (pdf)

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