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McNair Scholars: Google Scholar

Setting Scholar "Preferences"

   1.  Go to Scholar Preference 
            (Print instructions before clicking link as the link opens a new window.)
   2.  Scroll to the "Library Links" section
   3.  Type in University Texas Arlington, click "Find Library" button
   4.  Checkmark the University of Texas at Arlington -- FindIt @
         UTA box
   5.  Type in Open Worldcat, click "Find Library" button
   6.  Checkmark the Open Worldcat box
   7.  Change the "Number of Results" to 50
   8.  In the "Bibliographic Manager" section:
            a. select the "Show links to import citations into" option
            b. click the pulldown menu and select RefWorks
   9.  Click Save References button

Google Scholar is set to search a selection of UT Arlington Library databases.  When searching Google Scholar be sure to use the "Advanced Scholar" search form. 

Advanced Scholar Search

Use the Advanced Scholar Search to improve your search results. 

Exercise: Locate timely articles or books about the Industrial Revolution. 

1.   Click the Advanced Scholar Search option on the Google
 Scholar page.  The link is located to the right of the
      "Search" button.
2.   Use the "with all of the words" search box in the Find
       articles section - Type in Industrial Revolution.
3.   Change the menu option in the where my words occur
      to "in the title of the article"
4.   Go to the Date: Return articles published between section
and set a data range.  Type in 2010 - 2011
5.   In the Collections area change the radio button to Search
      only articles in the following subject areas.

      Check: Business..., Engineering..., Medicine...
      and Social Science... boxes.
6.   Click the "Search Scholar" button to view your results.
7.   On the Results page Google scholar repeats your search
      strategy at the top of the page, with the results displayed
      below the search strategy.
8.   If Google Scholar preferences were set for UT Arlington
      Library and to show links to export citations to RefWorks
      the search results will 
be identified by the following
      words: Find It @ UTA and/or Import into RefWorks.

Import Google Scholar Citations into RefWorks

NOTE: Google Scholar permits exporting ONE citation at a
             time into RefWorks.

1.  Locate the article citation you wish to import into
RefWorks.  The article citations must include the
     phrase "Import to RefWorks" to work.

2.  Click the "Import to RefWorks" link.

3.  Login to RefWorks.

4.  Open the "View the last imported" folder to view the
     article citation.

5.  Move the article citation to a relevant folder.