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McNair Scholars: RefWorks

RefWorks and Write-n-Cite

Step One

Create a RefWorks Account

1.   From the Library home page select “Databases A-Z

2.   Click the letter “R

3.   Scroll to "RefWorks 3 (New)," click on the link.

4.   Enter your UTA email address in the box, click "Check."

5.   On the "Good News..." page  "Create a password" that is easy to remember!
          For example: your pet's name or a favorite baseball team, high school mascot or etc.)

6.   Click the “Sign Up" button.

7.   You will receive a confirmation e-mail from ProQuest RefWorks.

Step Two

Create a RefWorks Folder

  1. Click “My Folder” arrow to expand the menu option
  2. Click “+ Add a folder
  3. Name your folder “Industrial Revolution.” (Mock Paper topic)
  4. Click “Save.”

Step Three

Instructions for Downloading Write-N-Cite from Home

  1. Within RefWorks , click on the     icon.
  2. Select the “Tools” option.
    1. "Save References on the Web” captures website information and imports into RefWorks.  Especially useful for Google Scholar citations.
    2. Cite in Microsoft Word” this is a plugin that allow you to insert and edit citations in to a paper as you go.  It also keeps track of the citations that will be used in your bibliography.
  3. Follow the instructions for download.   
  4. You will need the UT Arlington Group code to download the “Cite” plug-in.  Click here to ge the Group code    Use your NetID to access the password page.


Manually Entering References

Some databases (such as Factiva) do not provide exporting capabilities of citations into RefWorks.  In these instances you will need to manually enter the information in to RefWorks using the "Add a New" reference option.  


Exercise: Use the article below to manually insert a citation into RefWorks.

Save References on the Web

Save References on the Web is an optional feature used to capture bibliographic information from web pages and directly import into RefWorks.

Exercise:  Capture & import the "The Industrial Revolution" webpage information from  into RefWorks.  

Exporting a Book Citation from the Online Catalog

Exercise: Use the online catalog to find Industrial Revolution in America edited by Kevin Hillstrom and import the book citation into RefWorks.

  1. Once you locate the book information, click the "... More Options" button.
  2. Select "RefWorks" from the menu  If RefWorks is not open you will need to open the software to complete the import action.
  3. The citation will be in the Last Imported Folder.
  4. Move the book citation in to the "Industrial Revolution" folder.