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McNair Scholars: Mock Paper

Industrial Revolution - a Mock paper for Practice Inserting In-Text Citations

Click the Word document icon with a prewritten sample paper on the topic of the Industrial Revolution. Save it to your desktop and use it to learn how to take advantage of RefWork's Cite-N-Word feature to create in-text citations (common when using the APA style) and a bibliography (or references) at the end of a paper.

In-text Citation example

"It is not generally realized that in technology itself an important change occurred in the period 1650-1750: the British Isles ran out of firewood. People started to use a substance which they considered a poor substitute: coal (Barker & Ishizu, 2012).  They soon found that in the higher temperatures that can be reached by coal fires, iron can be treated more easily.

Output of goods and services increased by 29 times between 1850 and 1944 (Acheson, Hickson, & Turner, 2011).  Today technology and the internet are the driving forces of productivity and change. Although still in its infancy, the internet could have as great an impact on society as factory processing and the steam engine during the industrial revolution (Cieszkoski, 1983)."

Final Paper with References