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Leader as Communicator - LSHP 4311: RefWorks


What is RefWorks?

It's an online research/citation management tool that allows one to collect, store, and manage reference information.  UT Arlington Libraries subscribes to RefWorks for students and faculty.


  • create your own database of references;
  • great way to organize your references in folders or subfolders by:
    • topic
    • course
    • group projects
  • export references from article databases and from the Web
  • provides links back to the databases or a pdf file.
  • generate in-text citations and bibliographies  (Work cited or Reference)
  • RefWorks helps you cite your sources, you should always double check and make sure the citation information is correct.  (capitalization, spelling, spacing)

Special Tools

  1. Cite-n-Word is a MS Word plug that allows you to create in-text citations,footnotes and bibliographies in a variety of citation styles for your papers.  
  2. Save to Refworks - optional feature for capturing bibliographic information from web pages.  Must have RefWorks open for this tool to work effectively.

RefWorks 3 (New) and Cite-n-Word

RefWorks 3 &  Cite-n-Word --- Need New ppt

How the RW and CnW work together

Industrial Revolution "Mock" paper.

RefWorks Citation Management Software

Industrial Revolution "Mock" paper.

Step One

Create a RefWorks Account

1.   From the Library home page select “Databases A-Z

2.   Next screen, Click the letter “R

3.   Scroll to "RefWorks 3 (New)," click on the link

4.   Enter your UTA email address in the box on the "Start Using RefWorks" page, then click Check

5.   One the "Good News" page.  Create a password that is easy to remember!  (For example: Password could be your pet's name or favorite baseball team or etc.)

6.   Click the “Sign Up” button to answer a few question about your UTA status 

7.   You will receive a confirmation e-mail once you have completed the registration & RefWorks 3 will open.

Step Two

Create a RefWorks Folder
1.    Click “My Folder” arrow to expand the menu option
2.    Click “+ Add a folder”
3.    Name your folder “Practice-RefWorks” or “Industrial Revolution.” (Mock Paper topic)
4.    Click “Save.”

Step Three

Instructions for Downloading Cite-n-Word from Home

1.     Within RefWorks, click on “Tools” 

2.     Click on “Write-N-Cite

3.     Follow the instructions for downloading Write-N-Cite III for Windows or Mac

4.     You will need the UT Arlington Group Code to download the "Cite-n-World" plug-in

5.     The Group code is located at:

6.     Use your NetID information to access the password page.


RefGrab-It is an optional feature for capturing bibliographic information from web pages.

Exercise:  Capture & import the "Industrial Revolution" webpage information from
                     into RefWorks
.   Access the page at:

Exporting a Book Citation from the Online Catalog

Exercise: Use the catalog to find Industrial Revolution in America edited by Kevin Hillstrom.
                    Import the book citation into RefWorks.

1.    Once you locate the book information, click the "title link" to open the catalog record.

2.    Next, click the "Export to RefWorks/Endnote" link located on the right side of the page.

3.    Select the SAVE option in the File Download box, when the "Save As" box appears,
        save the file to the desktop.  Leave the file type alone (RIS file).

4.    Next, open RefWorks.

5.     Select "Import" from the Reference button menu.

6.    "Import Filter/Data Source" need to be RIS Format.

7.    "Database menu" change to RIS Format.

8.    Select "Text File:" Click the Browse button and locate the Book.ris file on the desktop.

9.    "Import to a file:" Select the folder where you want to put the citation.

10.  Click the "Import" button.

11.  File will be imported into the designated folder. 

Industrial Revolution - a Mock paper for Practice Inserting In-Text Citations

Click below for a Word document with a prewritten sample paper on the topic of the Industrial Revolution. Save it to your desktop and use it to learn how to take advantage of RefWork's Write-N-Cite feature to create in-text citations (common when using the APA style) and a bibliography (or references) at the end of a paper.