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An Open Letter to New Graduate Students


This letter has a lot of great advice, I particularly agree with this part:

Meet your subject librarian.
In your first few weeks on campus, you might not want to add one more person to your list of people to meet. But getting to know your subject librarian can be invaluable.Your librarian will be the person who best knows the university's entire collection of databases, journals, and books in your field; consequently she or he will be able to help you find the things you didn't even know were there but are necessary for your scholarship......Your subject librarian can also teach you how to most effectively use your library's catalog. As easy as that might sound—how hard can a search box be?—we're here to tell you that your catalog is idiosyncratic and you'll be much faster if you get some quick tips. Finally, your subject librarian likely has an advanced degree in your field. Consider him or her another mentor, even if s/he is in a different building.


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