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Film Studies

Film Databases

Movies at UTArlington Library


 Search for movies/films/videos in the Library's catalog:


  1. Go to the library catalog
  2. Click on Guided Search
  3. In the Format section, select Videorecording (Do NOT choose motion picture*)
  4. Search for keyword or title. I searched for Brazil as a title and found six results. (keyword search brings up over 20 results)
  5. When you click on the title it will take you to the brief record. If you want to know what edition of the film you are looking at click on full view and there will be information in the notes or description sections as to what edition, how many discs, etc. (For example, if it is the Criterion edition)


  *About Step 3: I know not selecting motion picture in format seems counter-intuitive, but you will get a lot less results that way. It has to do with how the items are catalogued and how their records are created. Motion Picture refers to literal film reels only, not DVDs. Always choose ‘video recording' when you are looking for DVDs. When you search for Brazil as a keyword and motion picture is selected, you get NO RESULTS.

Finding Published Screenplays

  1. Search by the feature film title and 'screenplay'in the library catalog.
  2. If the screenplay isn't available at UT Arlington Libraries, try searching millions of items owned by libraries around the world using WorldCat.