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Fellowship Academy


Questions to Consider

  • Where is your country located? What continent is it on? What are the neighboring countries?
  • What are the geographic features of your country? (important rivers, lakes, oceans, mountain ranges, and other features)
  • What is the population of your country?
  • What is the climate of your country? Is it usually warm, usually cold, or is it both? Be specific.
  • What are the main holidays in your country?
  • What is the tourism like in your country? What are the main points of interest?
  • What are some popular foods in your country? Give information about the food.
  • What do people dress like in your country?
  • What languages are spoken in your country ?
  • What is education like in your country?
  • Provide information about the history of your country.
  • Did you find anything surprising or interesting you would like to include?
  • What does the flag look like? What is the significance of the symbols or colors of the flag?