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Entrepreneurship - Management 3325 & 5339: Competitors


Categories of Competitor Data

There are three (3) types of competitor data.

1.  List of businesses that fit geographic and other criteria
      a.  Major Source: ReferenceUSA

2.  Business counts within a region
      a.  Major Source: SimplyMap

3.  In-depth intelligence about a particular company or companies
      a.  See Company Tab

Finding Local Competitors using ReferenceUSA

1.   From the Library Home page:

2.   Select the Databases A - Z option, under the Research section, then click the letter R on the
      alpha bar.

3.   Click ReferenceUSA to enter the database.  (Off campus - use your NetID-username & password
access the database)

4.   Click on U.S. Businesses to access the search form.

5.   Select the Advanced Search tab.

6.   Click, Business Type, check mark the Keyword SIC/NAICS box, in the Keyword/SIC/NAICS box change       the radio button to Search All NAICS.

7.   Go to the Enter NAICS codes section (toward the bottom of the page), type in the NAICS code
      for your industry.  In this case the NAICS for" Snacks & Non Alcoholic Beverages" is (722515)

8.   Click, Geography, check mark the geographic information of choice.  In this example I
      checked, Zip Code.  Type in the Zip code or codes you are interested in viewing.  I typed
      the zip codes 76010, 76011 and 76013.

9.   If you are interested in the number of employees for a particular business, click the
      Business Size option.  I wanted companies with 1 to 29 employees

10.  Click the "View Results" button (upper right) -- for search results.

11.  Results are in a summary presentation.  To view detailed information select a company or
       companies by checking the box to the left of the company name, then click the "Details" button.

12.  Results can be downloaded into an excel spreadsheet.  Use the Custom option for downloading.

RefUSA result screen