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Civil and Military Conflicts involving Ethnicity, Nationalism, Separatist, or Terrorism Issues: Home

The first purpose of this guide is to help University of Texas at Arlington Students find Reference and Circulating Collection books about these issues. The guide will be expanded later to include journals, websites, and other categories.

Encyclopedias about International Conflicts


Some of the encyclopedias available in the list below are about modern civil and military conflicts.

Library of Congress, Dewey Decimal, and Superintendent of Documents Classification Systems

Civil and Military Conflicts involving Ethnic, Nationalist, Separatist, or Terrorism Issues

Books and groups as found by Library of Congress Classification letter group or classification number.

General Encyclopedias:  Letter group AE

Almanacs:  Letter group AY

Religions and Denominations of Religions:  Not all categories are included.  The list includes most groups that have had confrontations with civil or
     military authorities of nations since 1945.

     Many religions and denominations:  Letter group BL

     Confucianism:  Classification numbers beginning with BL 1800

     Judaism:  Letter group BM  (Works about Jewish culture are usually classified in letter group DS ).

     Islam:   Classification numbers BP 1-109

     Baha'i:  Classification number BP 327

     New religious movements, sects, alternative spirituality groups:  Classification number BP 603

     Christianity: Letter groups BR and  BS

     Roman Catholicism:  Letter group BX

D 860  Nations without states:  A historical Dictionary of Contemporary National Movements / James Minahan.                                                    
     REFerence Collection D 860 .M56 1996        "Library of Congress Subject Heading" to find similar books:   Nationalism--History

GN  Anthropology, ethnology, and human cultures:  Letter group GN,  particularly books with classification numbers GN 300 - GN 699.                    
     "Library of Congress Subject Headings" to find similar books:  Culture of Nations, Ethnic & Nationality Groups, Ethnology, Ethnic Groups- [country
     or continent name], Ethnic groups-[country or continent]-social life & customs , Ethnic groups-[country or continents]-manners & customs

HV 640 Refugees ; Disaster Relief:  Classification number HV 640

HV 6322.7 Genocide; War Crimes:  Classification number HV 6322.7  ;                                                                                                         
     Law of Genocide and War Crimes is  classified using several classification numbers in the K classification group and other classification groups. 
     Frequently used Library of Congress Subjects used in catalog records are:  International Criminal Court, Genocide, War Crimes, War Crime Trials

HV 6431  Terrorism

U  Military Art & Science.  Books in this classification group are about land and air forces, and the tactics of land forces.

Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletion

Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin

"The Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin (WWCB) is jointly prepared by the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The WWCB provides a vital source of information on weather, climate and agricultural developments worldwide, along with detailed charts and tables of agrometeorological information that are appropriate for the season.

The bulletin is posted every Wednesdays by 12 p.m. eastern time. . Posting will occur on Thursday in the event a federal holiday falls on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday."

Subject Guide

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