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2018 UTA Libraries "Summer & Winter" Lib Lympics: Call # Challenge

When: August 8, 2017 Where: Atrium & Parlor Times: 11 am to 1 pm and 6 pm to 8 pm


Team/Department Challenge -- Will your team win Gold?

1. Teams can consist of two to four players.

2. Player one must draw a call number out of a hat, then race down and retrieve the
    matching book to the call number.  Player one places the book on the cart and runs
    back to hand off to the next player.

3. The next player receives the cart and the call number paper from the first player.
    Then they too must run down and retrieve the proper book matching the call number.

4. This sequence continues until all call numbers are retrieved and on the cart.

5. The last relay runner or anchor, must organize the books in call number order.

6. The clock does not stop until the books have been checked for proper order.

7. The team with the fastest time with all books in proper order wins Gold.  Second
    fastest takes Silver.  Third fastest takes Bronze.


Summer Games Winners

Gold Silver Bronze


Winter Games Winners

Gold Silver Bronze