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2017 Summer & Winter Office Olympics: Trashketball

When: August 8, 2017 Where: Atrium & Parlor Times: 11 am to 1 pm and 6 pm to 8 pm


Let's Make Recycling Fun, and Competitive! 

1. Player will have 6 paper trash balls

2.  The object is to score the most points to win the gold.

3. There will be recycle bins set up at different angles with varied point values assigned.

4. Players must not cross a threshold lines as they toss into the bins.

5. If you miss a shot you get one chance to throw again. Any additional missed shots will be counted as zero points.

6. The player with the most points wins gold.  The player with the second highest score wins silver.  The player with
    the third highest score wins bronze.


Summer Games Winners

Gold Silver Bronze
Troy Christenson Martin Wallace Maxine Wright
30 25 20


Winter Games Winners

Gold Silver Bronze
Morgan Chives Maria Baagala Joel Ossom
60 45 40