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Research Coaches


Research Coaches are UTA students trained to help you with your research and course assignments.
















My name is Raqeena Waziullah. I am a freshman and my intended majors are Management and Marketing. I gained experience with the research process through a program at my high school called the International Baccalaureate. In this rigorous program,  I had to do research in all of my classes and this truly helped me become more experienced with research and formatting papers. I'm always willing to help with anything that I can, so do not ever hesitate to come and talk to me! I'll be at the library roaming or sitting near the center of the 2nd floor.

In-Person Help @ Academic Plaza: M 2-3pm; W 2-3pm; Sun 6-8pm

Chat Help: M 3-6pm; T 7-10pm; W 3-6pm; R 6-10pm; Sun 8-9pm



Hello, I am Shivani Dave. I am a graduate student, pursuing my Masters in Electrical Engineering. I have been doing research related projects since 5th grade and had won NASA Gold Award for a Research Project based on History of an aviation Journey. This motivated me to take up more of Research Projects and help my peers with the same. I am a friendly person who likes to help people and  learn new things everyday. I love to dance and can teach you one of the forms too :) ! Happy to help! You can reach me anytime on my email or 2nd floor Central Library.



In-Person Help @ Academic Plaza: M, T & R 10am-2pm

Chat Help: W 6-10pm; Sat 1-3pm


Hello, my name is Hollie McMillan. I am a senior here at UTA and my major is History, with a minor in Creative Writing. I became intimately familiar with the research process during my time in my Historical Research studies class. My knowledge in structuring an essay, formulating a thesis or argument, and general ability to research and write is in large thanks to the many wonderful professors in the History and English departments here at UTA. I look forward to helping anyone and everyone who is in need of assistance in their endeavors with writing and research. Come see me on the 2nd floor of the Central Library for any of your needs or concerns regarding your essays, papers or research.

In-Person Help @ Academic Plaza: W 10-11am & 12-1pm; R 5-8pm

Chat Help: M 7-10pm; T 4-7pm; W 1-4pm; R 10am-12pm; Sun 4-8pm


My name is Fiyinfoluwa Joyce Morenikeji. I am a sophomore with a comprehensive knowledge in research, and my intended major is Nursing. My first research paper proved to be challenging. I had so many questions, and it seemed like no one could answer, this intrigued me and I decided to use this experience to help others who feel lost or confused when writing a research paper. I know it always seems like a long process, but if you stop by at the Academic Plaza (2nd floor, Central Library) and you see me we could work on your research paper together, and I will try my possible best to answer all your questions.

In-Person Help @ Academic Plaza: M 11am-2pm; T 2-3pm & 4-6pm; W 9-11am & 12-1pm; R 2-3pm; Sat 3-5pm

Chat Help: T 3-4pm; R 3-6pm; Sat 3-5pm