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EDCO 5242: Finding Tests and Measurements: Finding Tests in Databases

Finding Tests in Databases

It is possible to locate tests and measurements in databases :


  • Go to ERIC's Advanced Search screen.
  • In one row, enter Tests/Questionnaires in the first box. From the drop down menu at the end of the first row, select Publication Type
  • In another row, enter the type of measurement you are interested in. For example, self efficacy
  • This should result in tests and measures as a part of the journal articles or ERIC documents.


  • PsycINFO, one of our major social science databases allows you to search for tests and measurements included with journal literature. These are unpublished tests.
  • In PsycINFO, make sure you’re at the Advanced Search screen.
  • In the first box, type your term that describes the measurement you seek (for example, self esteem).
  • Add the word appended to your query box – it should read self esteem and appended in the first box.
  • From the drop down menu next to the first box, select TM Tests & Measures
  • Your results list should included research where a measure of self esteem is appended to the article.

PsycINFO Search Screen Image

Proquest Dissertations and Thesis

  • Proquest Dissertations and Thesis is our major source of research originating in Ph.D. dissertations
  • There are TONS of researchers who develop measurements and tests in their dissertations.
  • Search the database by test name or keyword.  After your search terms, add NEAR/3 appendi*.
  • There are also two Subject Name/Codes, which are relevant, but they may not have actual appended tests or measures.
    Psychological Tests (0632) and Educational Tests and Measurements (0288)
  • In the second row, enter your keyword for the measure you wish to search – for example, self esteem.
  • Your results should include dissertations which include a measurement or test for self esteem.