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Management 4322 - Organizational Strategy: Journals / Newspapers

Resources for Dr. A. McFadyen classes

  Finding a Specific Journal Article

The journal Harvard Business Review is available from the database known as Business Source Complete.  This link takes you to the "B" section on the Database A to Z page.

Click the letter "B" on the alpha bar at the top of the page.  This action goes to the B list of databases.  Scroll down to the title "Business Source Complete."  Click the title link.   [You will be asked to login with your NetID and password information when doing your research from home.]

Sample Search:  Henderson, B.D. 1989. The Origin of Strategy, HBR, Nov/Dec 67(6), pp. 139-143.

Search Form:

  1. In the first search box type: Harvard Business Review – change the "select a field" option to SO Publication Name.
  2. In the second box type: the author's last name  (Henderson) – change the "select a field" option to AU Author.
  3. In the third box type:  one or two words from the article's title – (origin strategy) leave the "select a field" option alone.
  4. Now CLICK the "Search button"  you should get a small number of articles to review.  If you followed instruction you should get 3 articles.  The third one will be The Origin of Strategy.

  Find a Journal

 Use the link below to see if the library has access to a particular journal.