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RefWorks: In-Depth Help: Working in RefShare

If you want to learn how to use RefWorks on your own, this guide has all the info you need.

Working in RefShare

Generally, a RefShare recipient will receive an email with a URL and some information on how to access a RefWorks User's folder or account. Clicking on the URL or copying and pasting it into a browser will launch RefShare.

Once you are in RefShare, you will see a toolbar with several options:


  • Search -- the Search area has several options:  Advanced Search and Lookup by Author, Descriptor or Periodical.

  • View -- if an entire RefWorks database has been shared, you will see a Folder option listed here.  You will also see All References (which is the default view) and you may also see RefWorks Shared Area.

  • Language -- allows you to change the language RefShare is displayed in (this does not change the language of the references).

  • Help -- Access to online help and E-mail Database Owner option, which allows you to simply send an custom e-mail to the RefShare User who granted you access.

  • About This Database -- displays any description about the folder or database being shared, as well as any print, export or bibliography generating limitations established by the database owner.

  • Search RefWorks -- at the far right of the screen, the Search RefWorks box allows you to enter a word to search the entire contents of the folder or database.  You may also have the option to search file attachments if shared.

Depending on the permissions granted to you, you may have any or all of the these options:

  • Print -- allows you to select references and print the records in the bibliographic output style of your choice.  You can also sort your selected records using the sort options at the right of the screen.

  • Export -- allows you to export selected references to your own RefWorks account or in another export format available.

  • Create Bibliography -- allows you to select references and print the records in the bibliographic output style of your choice.  Sorting is determined by the output style you choose.

  • Comments -- allows you to post and view comments to specific references.

Exporting References from a Shared Folder

You can export references from a Shared Folder or Shared RefWorks account into your own RefWorks account. This is especially useful for group projects in which all group members have done research and would like to compile their references into a single RefWorks account.

  1. Click on the URL for the Shared Folder or RefWorks account to access RefShare.
  2. Once in RefShare, select the individual references you would like to export or select "All in List."
  3. Then click on the  button located at either the top or bottom of the screen.
  4. The Export page will open. You can select from a variety of formats you want to create (image below). To export directly into your own RefWorks account, select Export Directly to your RefWorks Account. This option will allow you to log in to your RefWorks account and will automatically import the selected records.

Exporting from RefShare