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English: Searching for Textual Histories: Help

Here are some resources for searching for the textual histories of a book, as well as bibliographic information on the author. Use these resources to search for various editions of a book, translated editions, out of print editions, etc.

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Citation Resources


Interlibrary Loan and Texshare

Get books, journal articles and other materials we don't have.

Off-Campus Access

Full Guide to Off-Campus Access Issues

Institutional Firewalls
Workplaces and schools often have firewalls.  You will see an error message that says something like site blocked, unauthorized, connection refused, or reuqested URL could not be retrived. Many problems involving remote access from a school or workplace will require the assistance of the IT staff at those locations. If they are willing, they can contact us about opening certain ports so that you can have access to the library's databases.  Please refer them to this form so that they can request the information they will need.

Get a VPN Connection
Enables an easier connection once the appropriate software is installed.

Pop Up Blockers
Some databases use popup windows to display search results or extra options. Popup blockers may be installed as part of a browser toolbar, as part of your browser, as part of your virus protection software, or even as a separate program. 

MLA Style

UTA Writing Center

UTA Writing Center
Contact the UTA Writing Center for assistance with your writing assignments.

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