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BEEP 4306 Video Editing / Melton: Home

About This Guide


Students will able be to:

  1. Use different techniques within Movie Maker to edit a project
  2. locate and attribute creative commons material

Assignment Description:

  1. Technology-Infused Assessment Module:

For the final, you will be responsible for the development of one technology-infused assessment module that utilizes at least 2 different software programs. The module replaces the final exam for this course. Completing this assignment will allow you to demonstrate your understanding of four of the competencies being addressed in this course (i.e., 2, 4, 8, 9). This assignment can be completed individually. A sign-up sheet will be provided the first day of class.


Your technology-infused assessment module will have the following four parts:


Part 1: My perceptions of English language learners and their needs in the classroom before AND after taking this class. For this part of the project you will draw on the first day’s class notes about what your perceptions of ELLs were prior to taking this class and compare them to what your current perceptions of these learners are. We will do an activity in class to help you with this part of the project.

Part 2:. Five (5) common misconceptions about working with English language learners and/or learning a second language. For this part of the project you will draw on what you have learned in the course about common misconceptions related to working with ELLs and/or learning a second language, and dispel these myths/misconceptions. You may need to collect some data from other educators/teachers for this part of the project as well.


Part 3: Description of five (5) critical concepts, theories, etc. that you learned in this course that relate to second language learning and teaching. For this part of the project you will select five grand topics or concepts that you learned in this course and describe how learning these concepts have allowed you to have a better understanding of the needs ELLs face in the classroom. In other words, you will be summarizing what was learned and how this new information has helped you better understand the children with whom you will be working in your future classroom.

Part 4: Ten (10) take aways from the course in the form of ‘do’s and don’ts.’ These do’s and don’ts are things that you would recommend teachers should keep in mind when working with this population that you now know as a result of taking this class. 


To promote engagement and critical thinking, you will be required to draw on a variety of resources already available online (taking into consideration what constitutes ‘fair use’ of materials) as well as to produce your own materials for each one of the components in the module. You will be making use of journal articles, newspaper articles, video, audio, and graphics, among others. The complete module will contain the four components mentioned above in a multimedia format. A session on how to create videos will also be provided by our COEd Librarian. Date to be announced.

Note that you will be expected to give a 5 minute presentation of your module in class and post a handout for your peers on Blackboard discussion board. These two components will also be graded. Additional information about the assignment, samples, and suggestions will be posted on Blackboard.




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