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SPAN 4313: Hispanic Culture, Dr. Sonja Watson

Digital Humanities :: Examples

50 Years of Pop Music

By comparing and contrasting the top songs on Billboard's year-end Hot 100 charts from 1965-2015, Walker uncovered common elements that most chart-toppers share and identified the musical elements that characterize the genre decade to decade. By and large our songs have gotten longer, wordier and far more explicit as time has gone on.


Lord of the Rings Project, commonly shortened LotrProject, is a creative web project dedicated to the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. It is perhaps most known for the extensive and ever updating genealogy, the historical timeline of Middle-Earth and the statistics of the population of Middle-Earth.

Lincoln Logarithms: Finding Meaning in Sermons

This example provides a glimpse into how Voyant can help you analyze textual trends.

The state of our union is … dumber

Visualization of how the linguistic standard of the presidential address has declined over time. Using the Flesch-Kincaid readability test the Guardian has tracked the reading level of every State of the Union.

Mining Books To Map Emotions Through A Century

Several years ago, more or less on a lark, a group of researchers from England used a computer program to analyze the emotional content of books from every year of the 20th century — close to a billion words in millions of books.


Inspired by visualizations of particle collisions at CERN, wordcollider accelerates two phrases against each other. The collision splits the words up in their letters, their elementary particles. After collision, wordcollider visualizes a signature for each letter, based on their phonetic characteristics. Wordcollider is the result of a processing workshop with Steffen Fiedler.