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Publishing with Open Journal Systems (OJS) : Designing Your Journal

Design Samples

The look and feel of an OJS-based website can be customized by editing one or more stylesheets.

While fairly complex designs are possible, simpler design will be easier for you and your editorial team to maintain.

Help with CSS and HTML

Custom Style Sheets (CSS) are used to control the colour, typography, and layout of webpages.

Available Stylesheets

OJS provides several built in stylesheets which you can use or modify to met your design goals. View or download the stylesheet by clicking on the page image.

Protip: If you have many style changes to make, the Vanilla Theme is a good place to start.

Classic Blue

ClassicBlue Screencapture



Classic Brown

Classic Brown Screencapture



Classic Green

Classic Green Screencapture



Classic Navy

Classic Nvay Screencapture



Classic Red

Classic Red




Desert Screencapture




Lilac Screencapture




Night Screencapture



Red Bar

Red Bar Screencapture




Steel Screencapture




Uncommon Screencapture




Vanilla Screencapture