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Open Access Publishing: Go Open

This resource will guide you in the use of UTA Libraries' OA Publishing Fund.


***PLEASE REVIEW NEW PROCEDURE BELOW*** To promote open-access publishing activities at UTA, the UTA Libraries has established the Go Open Fund as a pilot project. The fund assists UTA faculty, staff, and students choosing to publish open-access (OA) articles, books, or other works that have a cost associated with publication (such as an article processing charge or APC). This program was designed as a stopgap measure to bridge your need to openly publish your work during this time of disruption to the scholarly communication system. Note: this funding is not a meritorious or competitive award. 

General information

Who may apply?

All current UTA faculty, staff, and students may apply for funding.

***NEW PROCEDURE*** Who reviews and approves my application?

***NEW PROCEDURE as of 16 April 2018*** Your dean must sign your application to indicate approval of it. When you fill out and submit the application form, you will be emailed a copy of it within 5 business days. At that time, it is your responsibility to print out the application and obtain your dean's signature. Once this action is complete, you will need to return the form to Jody Bailey, who makes final decisions about approvals. 

What types of works are covered?

OA journal articles, conference proceedings, monographs, monograph chapters, and other scholarly material such as datasets. Please see the criteria below for eligibility requirements.

What fee is covered?

The article processing charge (APC) or similar fee is covered under this fund, up to the limits outlined below. No other fees are covered.

What dollar limits apply?

  • Over the course of the fiscal year, the total funding of any author may not exceed $3,000. This may be for one work (article, monograph, conference proceeding, etc.) or could possibly be divided among several works during the fiscal year.

  • If there are multiple authors for a work, any author may apply as long as she or he is a current UTA faculty, staff member, or student. 

  • Among qualified submissions, the funding is first-come, first-served, based on the application date for the Go Open Fund. When the fund is depleted, no more money will be available during the fiscal year.

What additional expectations exist?

  • In the application, the author must give permission for the library to deposit the item in the UTA institutional repository, the ResearchCommons.
  • If an author has extramural grant funding, the author must affirm in the application that the funding is insufficient to cover the APC. UTA Research Administration will also check that no extramural funding is available that could be used.
  • If the APC exceeds $3,000, authors must provide a source for the additional funds on the application. The source could be personal, departmental, extramural, or other funds. If the application is approved, the additional funds must be paid to the Libraries via check or cash (for personal funds) or via departmental transfer (for departmental or extramural funds) before we pay the APC to the publisher.  

Eligibility requirements

Journals must meet both of the following eligibility criteria: one criterion relating to the OA model of the journal and one criterion related to quality control:

  1. OA Model: The first criterion for approval is that the journal must provide free access to all its published content via the Internet immediately upon publication. Excluded from this program is any journal that delays open availability of articles and/or that is open access for only a portion of its content (often called a hybrid OA journal). Hybrid journals are excluded from this program because of what's been called "double-dipping," a situation in which publishers receive money twice: the subscriptions are still paid by university libraries, and those same libraries (or sometimes the parent institution) also pay article processing charges.
  2. Quality Control: The second criterion relates to quality control. In all cases, the article must undergo peer review. Some OA journals exercise no quality control or solely exist to scam potential authors. Such “predatory” journals are specifically excluded from this program (see Evaluating OA Journals for more info).

Journals must additionally show eligibility in one of the following two ways:

  1. The journal is from a publisher who is a member of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association
  2. The journal is in the Directory of Open Access Journals, and has either the orange “DOAJ Seal of Approval”  or the green “DOAJ Checkmark”  which indicates that the journal was approved by DOAJ when stricter quality controls were implemented. (For more information about the Seal and the Checkmark, see this blog post from DOAJ.) 

For journals that do not qualify under the quality control criteria, UTA Libraries reserves the right to make occasional exceptions.

Books and book chapters are eligible for the fund if the following two criteria are met:

OA Model
The entirety of the book must be freely available online via the Internet immediately upon publication, regardless of whether the application is for a book or book chapter. Applications where only a portion of a book is freely available will not be considered. The book must be made available under an open access license, such as a Creative Commons license.

Quality Control
The book must undergo independent and external peer review prior to publication. Additionally one of the following two criteria must be met: The publisher must be a member of OASPA (described on the Journal Articles tab) or be in the Directory of Open Access Books Publisher List

For books or book publishers that do not qualify under the quality control criteria, the library reserves the right to make occasional exceptions.

The library will consider these works on a case-by-case basis using criteria analogous to the criteria for journal articles and books. In all cases, the publisher must be committed to making its content freely available upon publication and must have a peer review process.

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When to apply

We welcome your application form any time before the article is published. Once the article is published, it is no longer eligible for funding. Additionally, the Libraries will pay the publisher directly and cannot reimburse authors, so please do not pay any fees before publication.

For authors whose work has already been accepted for publication but not published:

  • Fill out the application form. The Libraries will notify you of approval of funding in five business days.
  • Once the application is approved, send the Libraries an invoice immediately, and the publisher will be paid directly.

For authors whose work has not been submitted to a journal yet, or who have submitted to a journal but are still are waiting for acceptance by the journal:

  • Fill out the application form. We will notify you of approval in five business days.
  • Once the article is accepted by the journal and you have an invoice, send the invoice to the Libraries immediately.
  • If an invoice is not received in six months from the time you are awarded OA funding, your approval will expire. You are welcome to reapply if funding is still available.


THE GO OPEN FUND HAS BEEN INDEFINITELY SUSPENDED AS OF APRIL 27, 2018. This pilot project will now undergo an evaluation.